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How many potential customers don't buy because they:
  • assume that what you provide isn't a good fit for their business
  • don't fully comprehend the relevance of your products/services to their operations
  • haven't been convinced that the potential benefits greatly outweigh the cost of upgrading their equipment or switching to your service

Without sufficiently addressing the value of your product and/or service in the minds of prospective customers, without reinforcing the key benefits as they apply to the busy consumer (who is most likely overloaded with information) a lot is being left on the table - or worse: driven to a competitor!

If people are not presented with the best information on which to act, everybody loses ground - the supplier, the customer, their respective organizations and stakeholders.

Ideally, every potential customer would fully comprehend the advantages presented by your offering and they would fully appreciate the value it confers, but the real world is far removed from this ideal.

In time, everyone comes to realise the benefit of good marketing, often in hindsight...





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