Do you sometimes wonder...? Perception Perceived Value versus Actual Value Contact


You understand the unique benefits that your products/services convey, as do your existing customers - but it is very likely that many prospective and future customers do not.

Granted, this is completely normal - especially when you consider the limitations of traditional media - it would be prohibitively expensive to share and evangelize at a scale that creates real impact. But using traditional media is now a choice: there are alternatives!

While many aspects of delivering marketing messages have remained unchanged (industry publications, referrals, product showcases, etc),   the digital platforms to which your market pay attention have mushroomed into a smorgasbord of options, each of which is constantly vying for the attention of your consumer.

These days, people are reachable 24/7 and their tolerance for being merely 'advertised to' in this media avalanche is rapidly diminishing.
Increasingly, important messages are best presented against a backdrop of informational media, case studies, storytelling, infographics... People are accustomed to being educated and informed as a prelude to being 'sold' something.





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