Measure twice, cut once

Meaningful information is always worth repeating, especially when future work depends on the entire team being well informed.
This can cover the widest range of works, from the granular details - bringing people up-to-date knowledge on specifics - to the overarching long-term vision for the project.
Examples can take the form of:

  • Training specific procedures - constructing valve assemblies, using the custom-built circuit breaker to isolate specific infrastructure, or practicing maintenance drills
  • Presenting the different phases of a long-running project, showing how external partners will interface with the overall workflow
  • Revealing the "why" by demonstrating how a project will impact the wider community, showing what the end-goal will look like, reminding stakeholders what impact similar projects have had on the world

Focussing on the important details

The tools available today make interacting with virtual infrastructure practically as useful as interacting with real infrastructure in-situ.

Digital assets can be made accessible via the most appropriate delivery system, whether that be Extended Reality device, portable viewer, wall display, integrated into software or printed hard-copy.

Deploying Infrastructure

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