Measure twice, cut once

Meaningful information is always worth repeating, especially when future work depends on the entire team being well informed.
This can cover the widest range of works, from the granular details - bringing people up-to-date knowledge on specifics - to the overarching long-term vision for the project.
Examples can take the form of:

  • Displaying the construction of equipment from individual components.
  • Clearly showing how infrastructure should be deployed, step-by-step.
  • Presenting the different phases of a long-running project to stakeholders - showing how external partners will interface with the overall workflow.
  • Demonstrating how a project will impact the wider community at various stages of the long-term lifecycle.
  • Highlighting different aspects of a proposed development, taking into account the unique biases and interests of different groups of stakeholders, resident groups, etc.

Focussing on the important details

We've all experienced them:

- Under-communicated project plans
- A vague description where specific detail was required
- Encountering unexpected objections 'after-the-fact'

When you analyse the causes of wasted time and are obliged to measure and underwrite it, the financial cost becomes apparent.   These can become compounded by intangible costs such as a reduction in team morale and a detrimental impact on how the team is perceived by external groups.

Deploying Infrastructure

Sharing Truth

Well-designed visual aids help everybody gain a better appreciation for each other's contribution to the overall project.
This strengthens teams by increasing interpersonal understanding.
And it might also save time that would otherwise have been lost.

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