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Photomontage by C. A. Vulliamy

Healing old wounds

Brought down on September eleventh, some eighty years ago...
From the large pile of rubble, the desire to rebuild what had previously existed was strong, but there were so many other pressing needs in those days.

A nondescript modernist box had to suffice.

But some resolutions cannot be ignored indefinitely.

When the means became available, the grand suburban house that had existed all those years ago was recreated - virtually - in this photomontage of rendered computer graphics overlaying a recent photograph of the site.
What was previously visible only in the mind's eye of 'visual thinkers' with access to the Elevation Drawings is now visible to a far greater range of stakeholders, thanks to this visualisation.

Presenting vision & intent

In contrast, some large new-build multiple occupancy residential developments (like the one below) don't always attract good publicity.

The agent wanted to maximise the likelihood that prospective residents and real estate investors would like what they saw in the marketing material and feel sufficiently confident to buy one of these properties.
As well as creating the development's branding, logo, CGI output, etc, the visualisation package provided by Real World Interactive included an animated walkthrough of a ground-floor flat, all distributed via well-presented DVD.

These were effective tools for selling units within this apartment complex before the site development had begun.

On a fine day, residents might look up at these towers and be glad to call this building their home.


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