Share a Vision

By recreating the past...

The owners/occupiers had died on the same evening, some 70 years ago.
From the large pile of rubble, the desire to rebuild what had previously existed was strong, but there were so many other pressing needs in those days.
A nondescript modernist box had to suffice.

But some resolutions cannot be ignored, and when the means became available, the grand suburban villa that had existed all those years ago was recreated virtually.

"Only a few people, aged in their 90s, would remember this view"

What was visible only in the mind's eye of Architects (and visual thinkers with access to the Elevation drawings) is now visible to anyone thanks to this visualisation. A critical step towards the restoration of what had been destroyed on that fateful night, long ago.


Giving the team a clear vision of your intent

"The slums of the future" quoth a prominent fashion designer, referring to generic northern residential developments like this.
Not the impression that the developers wanted to create, and a long way from the image that Real World Interactive was asked to create in the marketing material that went along with the visualisation of this apartment complex.

100% prescribed

A gleaming, shiny sunlit vision of residential perfection. That's what was requested. There were to be no overcast northern skies (the clouds in the image were are overexposed - so bright were they), nowhite transit vans, or even saloon cars in the demarcated parking areas. No 'aspirational couples' standing on their balconies. Client satisfaction was the order of the day.