Visuals have never been more powerful

I was going to talk about the many digital works I've created over the last 20 years, but it feels powerfully 'right' to talk about the remarkableness of the technology we currently have unique access to, purely via being lucky enough to be alive during this privileged era.

'Back in the day'

When I started creating visual communication assets for science and engineering applications in 1999, websites were mostly black text, blue hyperlinks and images (usually scanned from textbooks) nested between paragraphs.
I had been making useful improvements to User Interfaces and beautifully rendered visuals for years and found myself making amazing interactive vector graphics for sharing scientific concepts via cool-looking content across the globe using the browser-enabled worldwide web.

'Swords to Ploughshares'

In the 10 years since the collapse of the soviet Union, the fear of nuclear Armageddon had subsided and the Internet had blossomed into something remarkable. The technology had always been remarkable (a communication system adapted to period technology that would be capable of surviving a prolonged thermonuclear assault in which all the major cities and their associated communication hubs had been obliterated) but the digital tools built on top of the Internet are progressively more astounding.
They are collective miracles of our time. Instantaneous global communication of useful information (non-useful information too, apparently).
The ultimate 'wonder of the world'.

It took longer than I'd expected...

From there, I knew that technology would improve dramatically over time because, of course, I had read about it in works of science fiction and surely those devices would soon come to market, right?.
Almost. Much of the technology we now enjoy in the form of portable devices has existed for decades but it wasn't widely distributed or integrated into affordable units.
It wasn't accessible to the majority of people.
Nowadays it's accessible to practically everyone, and will become increasingly more accessible moving forward.

To sum-up:

The potential for communication assets to make a real difference in the way things are done has never been more available to a broader population.

The digital tools (in terms of software and hardware) allowing the creation of impactful media exist at scale and at a very low price.

The infrastructure for distribution is practically free. A five or six figure media spend is no longer the minimum expenditure to broadcast your content.

To reiterate: it is effectively free to create and upload content to the Web and point people to its address.


You already knew that, but it was worth thinking about again - just because it's so remarkable.
In fact, one of my favourite infographics seems highly relevant to this amazing circumstance:

Infographic about The Orbital Perspective by Ron Garan

In actual fact, all the tools you need are right in front of you:

If you're reading this, you're probably in possession of all the technology you need to make all of your own content
It's true: YOU can create all the media you need to effectively communicate the benefits of what you bring to the world.
I can train anyone to create and aesthetically present impressive computer graphics media on the worldwide web.
NB: It is NOT in my best interest to highlight the fact that "high fidelity production" values are not necessarily important (unless you are luxury brand).

The core message is the key. The main body of knowledge from the people who bring the project to market. Focus on communicating that, and you need never hire another third-party media consultant or partner with another agency.

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